Who Am I?

Who am I? Who am I really?

That was the question that started to constantly buzz in my head, shortly after having started my daily meditation practice in 1989. The start of this regular spiritual activity has surely been the major pivoting point in my life. There was life before and life after! It meant the start of a long series of deeply transforming moments and insights.

My Story

Some years before I had founded a successful tour-operating company, already realizing a turnover of not less than 2,5 million Euro in the first year and strongly growing! The pressure though, attached to my hectic and materialistic lifestyle, weighed very heavily on as well my health, my marriage as my well-being in general.

Shortly after my initiation in Transcendental Meditation, I followed the advanced “TM Siddhi Program” and started with energy work, such as Reiki (Reiki Master since 1999), Quantum Touch Healing, and later also Theta Healing. In the meantime I read as good as every book on consciousness I could possibly put my hands on, and got totally overwhelmed by the teachings of some of the great spiritual teachers, such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Paramahansa Yogananda in the beginning, and shortly after also -amongst others- Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Krishnamurti, and Satthya Sai Baba. Not to forget all the wonderful knowledge, offered to us by the more open-minded contemporary scientists studying Quantum Physics, the Holographic Universe Theory, Epigenetics, etc. All sorts of courses, workshops, and retreats followed each other shortly for many years.

Having seen a glimpse of the unlimited potential of the Awakened Human Being, sitting behind my office desk was no longer an option.

So after 13 intense years, I quit my company (or my company quit me), set an end to my dying marriage, and started a new life by taking 3 sabbatical years. This gave me the time to go on a spiritual quest in Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, and India. And I also offered myself a year of Philosophy and Theology studies, which brought me more clarity about the basics of the main world religions and the theories of the philosophers of ancient times.


It has been 4 years now since I left Belgium and started a new life in the beautiful and peaceful countryside of the South-Portuguese Alentejo region, in the midst of a powerful cork-oak forest and at barely 15 km from the amazing coastline.

The Path of Awakening is still the main drive of my life. Here, however, I am finding all the nurturing rest and the support from nature to dive even deeper into the One Consciousness that We all Are. I am diving deeper into feeling my emotions and remaining fears, so I can more easily transcend them and create the wonderful world of my dreams. A world in which I am joyfully and boundlessly connected with All That Is.

The purpose of my life and my highest excitement is to share the fruits of my 30 years of adventure on the Path of Awakening, with committed seekers for true Self-discovery and -development. All shedding their cocoon and spreading their wings as beautiful butterflies.



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