Oneness Consciousness
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By consistent focusing on reconnecting with the Absolute Oneness, we lift the veils that are separating us from the other layers of Consciousness, the other dimensions, and all Higher Knowledge.

O~C~E~A~N is meant to be a beacon for all those amazing Humans who took the conscious decision to fully flower as the Awakened Masters they already Are – bringing the Cosmic Human, entirely One with the Absolute, to full fruition.


Time for Awakening

The moment has never been more ideal to walk your Path of Awakening and resolutely choose to emanate the Love, Light, Peace, Abundance and Bliss you already Are!

Time NOW to become conscious about manifesting the world of your dreams! Time NOW to become the fully developed Multi-Dimensional Being You already Are.

Dive deep into your Inner Self through meditation and silence, and find realizations about the true nature of the world that appears to exist around you, and make an important and lasting change of paradigm.

You are NOT a separate being in a harsh world of solid matter, but an energetic, intelligent, creative and blissful Field of Consciousness, boundlessly connected to All That Is!

We all are One Consciousness! Grasp the opportunity to discover Who You really Are and make the switch to this post-materialist Field Paradigm.

Upcoming Retreats

29 December 2019 – 4 January 2020,
South Portugal

Step into 2020 with a big YES-saying to Who You really Are, and join us for this transformational 6-day New Year retreat.

Why O~C~E~A~N?

A Human is so much more than his temporary body. We all are boundless energy fields, waves of the One limitless and eternal Cosmic Field.

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You are the Universe

You are the Universe expressing itself as a Human for a little While. (Eckhard Tolle)