The Five Basic Laws of Creation

The basic Blueprint of the Structure of Existence by Bashar…

The following “Five Basic Laws of Creation” are true Everywhen and Everywhere in the universe, including all dimensions.

  1. You exist (I Am)
  2. Everything is Here and Now
  3. The One is All, and the All are One
  4. What you put out is what you get back
  5. The only constant in the universe is change, except for the first 4 postulates, which never change
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Know How You Were Programmed

Dr. Bruce Lipton is one of the major actors in the big change of paradigm that is hitting our current belief systems.

Have a look at this video and learn the basics of your own programming! Why are you struggling, are you genetically predisposed, and more important… How can I fully take my life in my own hands and thrive in a fulfilling and healthy way?

So much wisdom and so many tools for a happy, healthy and wealthy life in only 13 minutes…