Reiki & Meditation Retreat, November 2019

09 -12 November 2019
with IndraJi

3 days of Meditation, Reiki and Nurturing Silence Reiki First Degree Initiation with Ceritificate

Are you feeling the big awakening shift happening now, and do you feel the urge to fully step on that train? Then join us on another adventure of Self-discovery and merging with the Divine Being You already Are: Eternal, Infinite, Complete, and truly Free.

The several thousands of years old Indian Vedas as well as the most recent discoveries of Quantum Physics are very clear: You are not who you think you are! You are not the separate identity construct that you were indoctrinated to believe for so many years, but a boundless facet of the Absolute Quantum Field of All Possibilities.

The same sources also teach that time and space are nothing but a mere illusion. So claim your birthright and flower Here and Now as the Devine Being you truly are.

During this transformational retreat you will learn to fully merge with your True Self on two levels:

Through Silence and Meditation, and through Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy.

Meditation and Silence

Silence and Meditation will help you to remain innerly quiet and empty, as Consciousness Itself, and remain a non-attached observer of your thoughts, your emotions and in general of the life that is playing around you.

Everything – all matter – is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. – What you see as “the world outside you” is nothing more then a holographic projection that you are convinced to be totally immersed in. But this is an illusion: You are not a separate being in a harsh world of solid matter but an energetic, intelligent, creative and blissful Field of Consciousness, boundlessly connected to All That Is.

The major paradigm shift to make is to realize this and to remain the Infinite and Eternal Being that you already are. So, lift the veil and change your entire experience!

Reiki First Degree Initiation

The Reiki sessions and First Degree initiation/confirmation connect you with the Universal Energy Field that you are a boundlessly part of.

You will clearly sens the energy, enjoy feeling it flow through your body, and use it to unblock and harmonize the energy flow of yourself and other beings (human beings, animals, plants, crystals, etc.).

Tapping into this Devine Field of Universal Energy is tapping into the Field of All Possibilities.

What can you expect?

* 3 days of deep Meditation and lots of nurturing Silence

* 3,5 days of Reiki with introduction, daily practice and an individual initiation ceremony: Already on the arrival day, after dinner, we will have the first Reiki session with the introduction, the teaching of the hand positions, and the first of the four individual initiations (or confirmations) to the Reiki First Degree.

* Reiki First Degree certificate
* Daily time for questions and answers
* Meditative walks in nature
* Delicious vegetarian meals with veggies from our own garden
* A significant and durable transformation!


The retreat takes place in a big house in a very quiet area in the Portuguese countryside, 10 minutes outside of the village of São Luis, South Portugal, Alentejo Region. 

The house is surrounded by beautiful nature, with lots of cork oaks and birds. The sun is shining every day here, and you can even feel the Atlantic ocean. The Alentejo coastline, with some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, is only 20 minutes away.


São Luís, Portugal

The nearest Airports are Faro and Lisbon.

If you don’t want to rent a car, you can travel by train/bus:

By Train: From Faro (around 7h, 8h or 14h) or Lisbon Oriente (around 10h and 14h) to Funcheira. We will pick you up there from the train station. Tickets:

By Bus: The best connection to arrive in time is from Lisbon Sete Rios to Vila Nova de Milfontes (at 7.30h or 13.30h). There is also one bus daily that actually stops in S.Luís but it only arrives at 20.10h. Tickets:


The Retreat starts on Saturday, November 9 at 18h, and ends on Tuesday, November 12 at 18h.

Arrival: Saturday afternoon between 16h and 17h30.
Departure: Tuesday at 18h.

Daily structure:
07h00 Meditation
08h00 Meditative walk in nature or light yoga exercises
09h00 Breakfast
10h30 Morning meditation sessions
13h00 Lunch break
15h00 Reiki (practice)
17h00 Tea break
17h30 Reiki (practice and individual initiation ceremony)
18h30 Dinner
20h00 Evening talk and Q&A
21h30 Final Meditation


Full Board – The prices include everything you need for the retreat, such as food (3 daily vegan/vegetarian meals, drinks, snacks) and accommodation.

Standard price: 360€ per person.

Early Bird Price: 300€ – For bookings until October 9, 2019.

Groups/Couples: Discount of 10% on the standard price for the 2nd person (320€) – Please contact us!

Reduced Price: We offer a special rate of 300€ per person for Portuguese or people living in communities, because of the different economic situation.

Service Team: Our small team needs 2 helpers for preparing the meals, taking care of the dogs, and help with the cleaning. They will both be able to attend the daily Evening talk and alternate participation to the meditation sessions.

– 3 rooms with a double bed on the ground floor
– Dormitory with single beds on the 1st floor
– You can also stay in your own van or tent – with a 10% discount on the Standard Price (320€). – We also have tents available.


Booking Contact Form:

Important Note:

Your booking will be valid only after we have confirmed your space and received your payment. In order to reserve your place, a deposit of 100€ per person is required. Full payment is due by October 26, 2019.

Pay Now:

O.C.E.A.N Reiki & Meditation Retreat November 2019
Accommodation Preference

Or you can make a direct deposit into the account below:

Account Holder: Filip van Walleghem
IBAN: BE62 0016 4878 3061

Cancellation Policy:

For cancellations after October 26, 2019, until 8 days before the retreat starting date, the cancellation fee is 100€. For cancellations within 7 days before retreat starting date the cancellation fee is 50% of the price.

Contact us if you have any questions!

If you have questions about the meditations or the content of the retreat, please contact us.


About IndraJi

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Who am I? Who am I really? That was the question that started to constantly buzz in my head, shortly after having started my daily meditation practice in 1989. The start of this regular spiritual activity has surely been the major pivoting point in my life. There was life before and life after! It meant the start of a long series of deeply transforming moments and insights.

The purpose of my life and my highest excitement is to share the fruits of my 30 years of adventure on the Path of Awakening.